Thanks so much to Caroline (Twitter: @amberprophet) for compiling this reading schedule for The Dark is Rising Sequence. I’ll list the books in order and leave some of her comments for clarification. The Dark is Rising will probably be the only relevant schedule unless you want to drag the readathon out for a long time! 

Over Sea, Under Stone (This is set during the summer holidays over a week. It's set during Trevissick carnival, i.e. Mevagissey Feast week, which is in the last week of June. Unfortunately this puts it very close to The Silver on the Tree reading time,  it's a moveable feast so it's more difficult to pin down, and that week is not usually in summer holidays. As a result I've put down an option to read it that week, whenever that week falls, or a mid-summer holidays version.)

Sunday/1st August - Chapter 1
Monday/ 2nd August - Chapter 2, 3
Tuesday/3rd August - Chapter 4,5
Wednesday/4th August - Chapter 6
Thursday/5th August - Chapter 7,8
Friday/6th August - Chapter 9
Saturday/7th August - Chapter 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Epilogue

NB: There's a point in Chapters 5, 8 and 9 where halfway through the chapter the day changes. This always happens at a convenient break, so you can always choose to stop reading there, rather than at the end of the chapter. 

The Dark is Rising (this one is the most clear-cut and the one I do every year. It's also the most spread out which can be torture if you're a fast reader like I am)

20th Dec - Midwinter's Eve
21st Dec - Midwinter Day, The Sign-seeker
23rd Dec - The Walker on the Way
24th Dec - Christmas Eve, The Book of Gramarye, Betrayal
25th Dec - Christmas Day
Sometime in between - The Coming of the Cold, The Hawk in the Dark
5th Jan (Twelfth Night Eve) - The King of Fire and Water, The Hunt Rides
6th Jan (Twelfth Night) - The Joining of the Signs

Greenwitch (I found this one a bit tricky in some ways because they mention the Easter holidays and a week beginning the 15th (I assume of April) but because Easter is a changing holiday I thought it might be more logical to focus on May 1st i.e. Beltane as being when the Greenwitch was made.)

April 29th - Chapter 1
April 30th - Chapter 2
May 1st - Chapters 3 and 4
May 2nd - Chapters 5,6,7,8,9 and 10
May 3rd - Chapters 11,12 and 13.

The Grey King

28th Oct - Prologue, The Oldest Hills
29th Oct - Cadfan's Way, The Raven Boy
31st Oct - Grey Fox, Fire on the Mountain, Bird Rock, Eyes that see the wind
1st Nov - The Girl from the mountains, The Grey King
2nd Nov - The Pleasant Lake, The Warestone, The Cottage on the Moor, The Waking.

The Silver on the Tree (this one is tricky because so much of it is set outside of time. There are 2 sections to the book. Part one is set around midsummer, part two is approximately a month later at the start of the summer holidays, part three is entirely outside of time, and part four is both a day after part two, and out of time and kinda midsummer as well. So complicated! As a result I've kept part one accurate then just followed on from there, as waiting a month for the rest seems a bit silly and doesn't really contribute anything.)

20th June - Part One: Midsummer's Eve, Black Mink
21st June - Part One: The Calling, Midsummer's Day
22nd June - Part Two: Five, The Bearded Lake, Afanc, Three from the Track
23rd June - Part Three: The City, The Rose-Garden, The Empty Palace, The Journey, the Mari Llwyd, Caer Wyrdyr, The King of the Lost Land
24th June - Part Four: Sunrise, Train, The River, The Rising, One goes alone

And finally...
The Dark is Rising Sequence (for any really hardcore re-readers)

Year 1 (Summer) - Over Sea, Under Stone
Year 1 (Winter) - The Dark is Rising
Year 2 (Easter) - Greenwitch
Year 2 (Autumn) - The Grey King
Year 3 (Summer) - The Silver on the Tree

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